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Slip and Fall

We know it doesn’t sound very serious when you think about it. However, silly situations such as slipping over puddles of water, missing a step on uneven stairs, or any other similar slip and fall condition can be really injurious, and even fatal. And most importantly, these accidents can happen anywhere – be it a schools, office, grocery store, shopping mall, airport or somewhere else. This fall might have unnecessary complicated situations, specially for senior individuals.

Slip and fall victims might be eligible for financial compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Understanding the Liability

It is mostly assumed that the property owner will be accountable in slip and fall accidents, however it is not always the case. Although the proprietor or the landlord will be answerable about the negligence in maintaining the safe conditions on their properties, there is a lot that the plaintiff have still got to prove.

For instance, to prove that defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s harm is a very challenging task. The plaintiff must be able to prove any one of the following:  

The property owner (or any one related in some source) created the risky condition. The owner was aware of the hazards possible but did not make an effort to fix it which a “reasonable” owner would have done.

Comparative Negligence

The concept of comparative negligence is one of the main ones in slip and fall cases. California is a pure comparative negligence state – that means, the claimants will be awarded compensation in a slip and fall case even if there is there is partial proof of what caused his injuries. The final settlement amount will be based on his role in the accident. This means, he/she might not always receive 100% compensation but only a part of it.

There can be various forms of injuries in a slip and fall accident and the most common ones are:


Slip And Fall Injuries

Back Injuries

Damage to the vertebrae with the fall is one of the most common and dangerous thing that can happen to anyone. Slipped discs, spinal cord damage, and herniated discs can result in such situations.

Hip Fractures

The vast majority of hip fractures in the US are reportedly caused by some type of fall. Hip fracture needs elaborate surgeries, followed with physical therapy and rehabilitation and all of which are really expensive to bear.

Brain Injuries

Further, when the injuries get severe, many people hit their heads on the ground or some other objects which can result in anything from mild concussion to a permanent damage. Moderate or severe traumatic brain injury takes time to heal and therefore needs proper medical attention.


Probably the simplest of the injuries is sprain that is caused from the slip and fall accident. Your body cannot readjust itself during a sudden fall so it is common to get sprained in your ankle on the way down.

Shoulder Injuries

Sometimes, there are reports of dislocated shoulder as a result of a slip and fall accident. When the fall is severe, it can also injure the brachial plexus cluster of nerves (the ones which are located near the shoulder). Affected nerves can cause lingering pain in your shoulder, arm and hand for a long time.


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