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Let’s face it. Results matter. We’re glad that you are checking out this page to see whether our law firm is the right fit for you. After your review, we’re confident that you will see that we are a serious law firm with some serious results from our lead counsel, Jonathan Roven.

Negligent Hiring: $2,646,973.73 Verdict

Roven was trial counsel in a case involving a woman who appeared for a cheerleading audition. While she was there, she was essentially forced into performing a stunt. During the stunt, the plaintiff fell, suffering serious injuries.

The lawsuit was against the production company and various others. The verdict made history as well as Top 100 Verdicts of 2018, as this was an extremely difficult case to litigate.

Auto v Pedestrian: $750,000 Settlement

While walking across the street, Roven’s client was struck by an automobile who simply did not notice the plaintiff. In a heavily fought case, the client was able to recover a substantial settlement shortly before trial.

Medical Malpractice: $500,000 Settlement

Shortly after leaving the hospital, the client’s wife was recommended for physical therapy. Unfortunately, the wife was left unattended, fell, and passed away days later. Although a life is worth much more than the settlement amount, unfortunately pain and suffering is capped at $250,000 in medical malpractice in the State of California. Vote YES on the Fairness for Injured Patients Act (FIPA) in 2020 to help overcome this outdated and draconian law.

Slip and Fall: $400,000 Settlement

Roven’s client was walking at an inn. After there was new construction, the inn failed to place something to show there was a step. While walking, the plaintiff didn’t realize a step was there, fell, and suffered serious injuries. In a heavily litigated case, the case was settled shortly before trial.

Auto Accident: $300,000 Settlement

Client was in an auto accident and suffered serious pains as a result. Client was able to obtain a good settlement as a result.

Motorcycle Accident: $150,000 Settlement

Roven’s client was driving a motorcycle when another driver caused his collision. He suffered serious fractures but thankfully was able to recover.

Auto Accident: $150,000 Settlement

Client was driving with his mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she crashed the car. The client was able to tap into the mother-in-law’s insurance to pay for his injuries.

Medical Malpractice: $150,000 Settlement

Client was in a facility, with walking difficulties. The nurses forced the client to stand in order to take an x-ray. Unfortunately, the client fell, suffering serious injuries.

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