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Understand your legal rights had you been affected by the motorcycle accident in California. You have two options after you are hit by a motor cycle accident. You can either go for a personal injury lawsuit or file for personal injury claim. Many personal injury lawsuits settle even before they are taken to the trials but for the ones that go through proper trials, the jury decides on the final compensation amount.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit, generally there are claims against the driver for his or her negligence. The definition of negligence is the failure to act with the level of care that a reasonable person would have used under the same or similar circumstances.

California courts follow pure comparative negligence in case of motorcycle accidents. Oftentimes, the at-fault driver will argue that the victim was equally negligent in causing the accident.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Intoxication – 7% of all collisions occurs because of alcohol or drugs. The impaired motorist fails to judge distances, the impaired driver might fail to see the driver, reckless behaviour among the driver and the motorist.

Unsafe Speed – the largest cause of motorcycle accidents till date is reckless speeding. It can cause accidents in a number of ways where the biker lose control, has increased chances of hydroplaning or skidding and more.

Improper Turn –  cars making left-hand turns have been reported to make up about 42% of all fatal accidents.

Distracted Driving – Instead of focusing on driving, texting, eating, listening to music are some of the reasons for motorcycle accidents.


Any motorcycle accident lawsuit can expect to receive compensation for the following types of damages:

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